lounge1The care of carpets is a complex process which needs to be carried out correctly particularly for special and antique carpets.

FCS offer wet and dry cleaning services



Dry method
This method uses a chemical powder that is distributed on to the area by hand and then brushed in to your carpet and draws out the dirt from the fibres.
A vacuum is then used to vacuum up the powder residue.

Wet method
This method uses the soil extract process where a detergent is sprayed on to the area and powerful vacuumed machine extracts the stain and chemical using a water wash.



  • Chemical cleaning.
  • Dry powder clean.
  • Detergent spray.

What do our customers say?

Even our special carpets with long pile and rich colours are kept fresh and undamaged by the cleaning process, FCS just make it so simple that we wouldn't consider anything else.


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