officecleaningClean washrooms set a standard for the entire business, anythig less than spotless sets a poor image.



Without doubt a core part of the daily clean is the washroom facilities. A place where visitors get an impression on the care and attention- along with the pride taken in the business. So often a deal or contract could be lost due to poor facilities. Your staff will not be happy and the hygene throughout the business could decline. FCS provicde a full service of clean and sanitisation for your washrooms. FCS can supply any toiletries and keep things spic and span. Competitive pricing is always our goal.



  • Regular checks and clean
  • Nappy disposal
  • Feminine hygiene bins on a 4/6/8 weekly exchange
  • Seat sanitizers and much more
  • Dual vending machines
  • Managment of toiletries and waste disposal
  • Deep clense on request

What do our customers say?

One of those jobs no one really wants to do and yet so important, we just let FCS run the show on this and have never been dissapointed..

Another happy customer


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