Emergency call outs are not uncommon, more of an expected event at an unexpected time for FCS and its staff.

Our Project on this occasion was a South London Crematorium. The main Sewage system within the boundry of the property had become blocked causinga serious back-up of sewage into the office area.

The Accounts office and the key area of management for the day to day operation of the facilities was badly soiled and uninhabitable; posing a serious risk to health.

On receiving our clients call an assesment team were sent in with a lead operator. An evaluation of the contaminated area and services required was sent back to our head office along with a video clip to assist in a fair and accurate estimate of work. This enabled the office to offer a verbal quotation wich was subsequently followed up with a written report and estimate.

This method enabled the client to make a swift decision and allowed for an almost immeadiate start to the extensive task of solving the blockage and the clean up to allow the facility to function ready for the working day.

new-doors_fitted_to_waste_area The removal and disposal of waste is becoming more expensive by the year, wrong material in bins and or rubbish being left around can result in heavy fines from the council.

FCS maintenace service can help keep the areas under check. On this occasion we were called upon to repair gates that had bcome un-servicable and needed replacing/refitting to stop the possibility of fly tipping.


FCS are now offering a waste and recycling service throughout the south of England.

This includes:
general waste
DMR (dry mixed recycling)
Cardboard and paper.
We are also using the energy to waste scheme which sees all waste turned into bio fuel.

furniture_fly_tipped_at_company_site Fly tipping is becoming more prevalent. Not only is it a hassle to remove but it can cause Health and Safety issues which everyone of us would want to avoid.

This clean up was not so serious as to some we have to attend however its still a headache for the owners of the premises.

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