glasscleaning polesWhether inside or out, bright, clean, sparkling glass makes a positive statement about your business.



FCS offer a full internal and external window cleaning service. Our approach and equipment ensures minimal disruption to staff and customers. We use Advanced Pure Water technology:
Environmentally friendly 100% pure de-ionised water effectively absorbs dirt to clean windows, frames, cladding & signs without the need for cleaning chemicals or detergents. The absence of chemical cleaners in our system helps windows remain cleaner for longer.

FCS employ specialist high-rise teams:

Our highly experienced high-level working staff are expert in cleaning and maintaining windows, cladding, frames and signs in areas inaccessible to ground base systems. Working in close, mutually supportive teams, with up-to-date specialist equipment, they have a safety record second to none. High rise cleaning is available 7 days a week for regular and occasional assignments.

Full conformance to Health and Safety regulations

FCS recognises the potential dangers to people and property inherent in both ground based and high rise cleaning systems.Our methods, procedures and thorough training programmes, ensure adherence to Health and Safety regulations at all times.



  • Advanced Pure Water technology.
  • No need for cleaning chemicals or detergents.
  • High-rise cleaning is available 7 days a week.
  • Adherence to Health and Safety regulations at all times.
  • Internal and external glass windows.
  • Partitions and screens.
  • Cladding and frames.
  • Frames.
  • Signs.

Waterfed Pole System

  • Waterfed Poles extend to 60ft for total operator safety.
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows in complete safety.
  • Eliminates the need for heavy access equipment.
  • Reaches windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns and flower beds without causing damage.
  • Reduces disturbance to building occupants.

What do our customers say?

The pole system means the work is carried out at a sensible cost without high working areas with the obvious additional cost and time expense on the business. It just makes.sense.


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You can also call us on: 0800 146 122

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