• Carpet cleaning

    lounge1The care of carpets is a complex process which needs to be carried out correctly particularly for special and antique carpets.

    FCS offer wet and dry cleaning services

  • Daily cleaning


    machinecleanerFCS provides bespoke daily cleaning services for offices, factories, retail outlets and public service buildings of all types

  • High Level Maintenance

    tower1There are many occasions when maintenance is required to areas of the premises that are not easily accessible. FCS Cleaning Limited have the trained staff for the Job, be it working from a tower, or cleaning windows at height.


  • Home Clean

    soft_furnishingsHard floors, soft carpets and furnishings, windows, kitchens, whatever your requirement FCS can offer a solution for your home.

  • Q: Green Policy?

    Our business requires a Green policy to fit with our customer charter, does FCS Ltd. fulfil this requirement with their cleaning solutions.

    A - Yes. We use ECO friendly cleaning solutions and materials and have policy in place to ranges waste in a eco friendly way.

  • Q: Hi-Level Cleaning?

    I have a one off requirement for windows to be cleaned outside on the 3rd floor, access is difficult can you help?

    A. - Yes, From a one-off to regular visits, FCS has the staff and the equipment to solve these types of problem, give us a call to discuss further.

  • Q: Night cleaning?

    We work long hours and our help desks are 24/7, are you able to clean during the night during our quiet period.

    A - Yes. This is a regular requirement in our industry, why not give us a call and let us solve the problem.

  • Residential services

    residential_loungeFCS are not just a commercial services based business. We are able to offer a quality service for your general cleaning, gutter clean and maintenance, carpet cleaning, and specialist home cleaning from Initial to deep and sparkle clean.

  • Residential window Cleaning

    DSC 0329Getting your windows cleaned regularly and to the standard you require can be difficult. Local window cleaners in general do a great job but what about getting them done when you want and not just when there is availability?

  • Washroom Services

    officecleaningClean washrooms set a standard for the entire business, anythig less than spotless sets a poor image.

  • Window Cleaning

    glasscleaning polesWhether inside or out, bright, clean, sparkling glass makes a positive statement about your business.

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