machinecleanerFCS provides bespoke daily cleaning services for offices, factories, retail outlets and public service buildings of all types


Work schedules are tailored to the specific needs of individual premises and customers. Our daily cleaning services are characterised by offering a complete service for all your contract cleaning needs, with schedules designed and arranged around your working requirements and with you to eliminate any disruption to your business; its staff and customers. All to suit your office hours. Early morning, evening, overnight or throughout the day - whatever your needs, FCS will meet them.

To ensure the highest standards we continually review new equipment, chemicals, cleaning materials and methods, all of which are updated on a regular basis as part of a continual improvement program. As a result our clients are assured an efficient, modern and environmentally aware service at all times.

Working practices throughout our organisation are the subject of an on-going improvement program. Processes are updated to reflect the most efficient and safe working practices and to accommodate the introduction of new equipment and material.



  • Advanced cleaning technolgy and materials
  • Our teams clean at times to suit your business operation.
  • Office, factory, and shop cleaning
  • Floor maintenance
  • Glass cleaning
  • Venetian blind and curtain cleaning
  • Telephone cleaning
  • Computer valeting
  • Janitorial supplies

What do our customers say?

A clean office is important to us; not just because it's more pleasent and healthier place to work, but we also have clients visiting. FCS continue to supply our daily cleaning requirements and we are pleased with the outcome. Privacy, security and our office usage times are all taken into consideration. Happy to recommend them.

Another happy customer


Get in touch

We are interesterd in what you have to say! please feel free to call or contact us using our contact form to let us know what you think or perhaps let us know how we can improve. Our customers are our lifeblood, we need to listen.

You can call us on: 0800 146 122

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