Photograph of Stuart Fitzgibbon

FCS was founded in 1974 by Managing Director Stuart Fitzgibbon.

The company's twin values of, cleaning to the highest possible standards and providing a level of customer service second to none have underpinned its success. These value, still at the heart of all that we do, are as important today as they have ever been.
Since its formation FCS Cleaning Ltd, previously Fitzgibbon Cleaning Services established by Mr Fitzgibbon in 1974, has grown steadily and now provides a complete portfolio of cleaning and facilities management support services to a large number of customers across a wide spectrum of the commercial, retail and factory sectors.
FCS operates a continuous improvement programme across all its activities looking at new equipment, better materials and more effective operating methods.
In recent years the company has attained ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. This approach to Quality Management allows us to operate at optimum performance levels and thus to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and cost effective service possible.
FCS serves customers throughout the Southeast including all areas of London.

Work Experience

From sole trader to experienced Managing Director Stuart has continued his education and experience to fufill client needs for more than 40 years. Moving the company forward to a Limited business with ISO accreditation and a member of many related professional organisations.

Our reputation and client satisfaction is extremely important to us in what is a highly competitive business. FCS Ltd. enjoys a wide diversity of clients and ever increasing referral business.


Crucial Facts about me

Entrepreneur, passionate about the business and hands on.

  • Grown the business from scratch as a sole trader
  • Now heading the family business as Managing Director.
  • Always striving to give value for money
  • Always trying to put the clients first

Social Profile

Social networking is an important part of our business and you can connect with us on the links below, but, just as many managing Directors find, time to engage fully on a personal basis is always limited so we all contribute as and when we can. Check out our pages and let us know what you think

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