• Facilities management

    maintenance_staff_in_overals office_cleaning_staffFCS took the step in 2013 to invest their knowledge in offering clients our skills in facilitating all aspects of their cleaning and maintenance agreements, this was met with strong appreciation from our clients and means that we manage all aspects of the housekeeping needs.

  • Q: Green Policy?

    Our business requires a Green policy to fit with our customer charter, does FCS Ltd. fulfil this requirement with their cleaning solutions.

    A - Yes. We use ECO friendly cleaning solutions and materials and have policy in place to ranges waste in a eco friendly way.

  • Waste and Bin Collection


    FCS are now offering a waste and recycling service throughout the south of England.

    This includes:
    general waste
    DMR (dry mixed recycling)
    Cardboard and paper.
    We are also using the energy to waste scheme which sees all waste turned into bio fuel.

  • Waste recycling & disposal

    recycle bucketsWaste management is becoming a serious issue in our modern world and the cost of disposal is escalating. FCS have sensible, reliable and legal correct management processes in place to ensure you manage the waste produced in your business correctly.

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